Fidgeting Fireflies

It’s all done & dusted. We’re booked into the Fireflies Tour with Anuar in Kuala Lumpur, & I’ve paid the required 25% deposit to secure the booking.

So why Anuar? you may ask.

Because Helen recommended him; in fact she highly recommended him.

So why did I listen to Helen’s recommendation  over & above the ramblings of others? It’s because she’s an intrepid traveler of the globe who, unlike me, insists on traveling to new places as often as time & budgets allow; who beforehand  trolls through the Web to find the best things to do in the cities she visits, & settles for only the best people to guide her across such novel landscapes. And once she found Anuar Ismail (Tour Coordinator and Travel Consultant at Kuala Lumpur Travel), she did a long day tour with him & has been recommending him to friends ever since.

But with fewer disposable RM for additional activities we decided to bypass the mingling with elephants & monkeys , and to focus on the tinier bugs; perhaps because I have such stellar memories of Waitomo glow worms clinging to rock faces, their tiny extremities burning like fluorescent crescent moons beside forest paths & rippling streams.

But on the Fireflies Tour it appears Anuar throws in a complimentary visit to the Batu Caves.

Thankfully, ever since I learned we would need to climb the 272 steps  to reach this tourist draw card, I began to initiate an elevated fitness regime; one that includes my brand of interval training.

By design, walking is thus punctuated by sections of jogging, & these sections are increasing incrementally as the body & breath allows.

Of course I continue to do the ’30’  tricep dips at the Catholic office fence, the diagonal push ups on the rock wall by the bridge, the next set of tricep dips at the high school,  side leg raises at the brick fence in South Lismore,  the leaps over the logs at the Italo Club, more push ups at the house-for-sale, then side raises at Coleman’s Bridge, the  jogging-step-climb from the riverside carpark to the upper level Fawcett’s Bridge carpark, then throw in some squats at the Bank and  the side slips down the length of Zadoc Street from the pub to the paint shop; all while attempting to improve the time differential, and the frequency of additional walking versus driving on most other days of the week.

Are you impressed?

Regardless, I believe I’m on track.

And so is Ben. He’s been keeping up with his bi-weekly visits to the gym & is upping his intensity too.

By January, I believe only the scenery will take our breath away.