Shuttle Bus

Needing to have plans finalised, I become quite tired of waiting for Agoda’s ‘Yangon Airport Pickup’ to display any availability for December dates. I need to settle any uncertainty that Ben & I could arrive at the 30th Corner Boutique Hostel, as per booking, unscathed by airport touts. So I Google other shuttle bus couriers operating out of Yangon International … and find Chit Chit.

I send him an e-mail. His reply is speedy in spite of supposed slower internet speeds throughout Myanmar compared to South Korea, Thailand or Malaysia, or ‘frankly anywhere else on earth,’ as I read on ‘Too many Adapters: Technology for Travelers.’

It reads:

Thank for email
12/19/2015 SQ#998  9:20AM
Airport to Hotel. (2) paxs
$ 5 each. Total. $ 10

Happy New year & welcome to Myanmar.             Rgds Chit Chit

When I query the details regarding name cards or the necessity for phoning on arrival, his confirmation e-mail reads,

Dear Margaret
Your cofim #3366
Sing & name (Ygn arrival Hall )
Thx    chit chit

I take it ‘sing’  is meant to read ‘sign.’

And I take it Chit Chit is used to writing texts.

Apparently the Burmese way of writing Yangon International Airport is : ရန်ကုန်အပြည်ပြည်ဆိုင်ရာလေဆိပ်. Apparently upgrades are being undertaken on site and are expected to be finished end of 2015.  Perhaps we’ll be the first flight to enter into the new terminal designed to boost the arrival capacity to 6 million passengers annually.

The journey from the airport to downtown Yangon where we’re staying, is 15 kms. Knowing Agoda’s rates were quoted as being quite a bit higher for the ‘trip,’ I believe we secured a definite bargain, at $5 per customer. I guess time and circumstances will tell if we’ve made the right choice.imageedit_6_2635130353-239x133Yangon-Airport-Shuttle-Logo1-300x96


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